Biblical Hebrew - Full Year -2018/19

Biblical Hebrew I provides an introduction to the ancient Hebrew language.  The course will begin with a few weeks of introductory work devoted to the ancient Hebrew alphabet and the sounds of the letters.  Students will then learn how to pronounce full words and, later on, full sentences.  Subsequent grammatical material will focus on the noun, the adjective, the definite article, and simple statements of existence, in addition to the structures and the meanings of the various verbal forms of ancient Hebrew. Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity not only to pronounce,  but to read stories from the Old Testament in the original language of ancient Hebrew.  Biblical stories from Genesis regarding the Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, and Joseph with his “coat of many colors” will be the subjects of our work of translation and interpretation.  As students will find, reading the texts in the original, ancient language makes possible real insight not only into the stories themselves but into the process of close reading and analysis of any written work. Connections will be made where appropriate in the course between the grammatical forms of ancient Hebrew and those of other ancient languages like Aramaic (i.e., the language of Jesus), Ugaritic, ancient Arabic and Akkadian.

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