AP Computer Science Principles

AP Computer Science Principles Mobile introduces students to concepts and practices central to the study of computer science. This course is supported by the Mobile Computer Science Principles Project (Mobile CSP), an NSF-funded effort to provide a broad and rigorous introduction to computer science based on App Inventor, a mobile programming language for Android devices.  Working individually and collaboratively, students will use technology and programming to solve problems, create computational artifacts, investigate technological innovations that are personally meaningful, and discuss the impacts of computing technologies to their community, society, and the world.

The curriculum centers on seven Big Ideas: Computing is a creative activity. Abstraction reduces information and detail to facilitate focus on relevant concepts. Data and information facilitate creation of knowledge. Algorithms are used to develop and express solutions to computational problems. Programming enables problem solving. The Internet pervades modern computing. Computing has global impact.

Developed to broaden participation in computer science and STEM courses, AP Computer Science Principles fosters creativity and invites students to examine the social and ethical implications of new computing technologies.

Jared Goldap