Latin I - Full Year -2018/19

The study of ancient Latin has witnessed a resurgence in recent years at both the Middle and the Upper School levels throughout the country -- and with good reason.  Knowledge of the vocabulary of Latin is of course enormously helpful in deciphering the meanings and nuances of tens of thousands of words in English. Perhaps even more importantly, knowledge of the structure of the Latin language in terms of its grammar and syntax provides special insight into the (far simpler) structure of the English language, the mastery of which leads to an almost immediate improvement in the English writing skills of the student.  The Latin I course offered through SophieConnect begins with an overview of the basic elements of English grammar and then proceeds to the systems of declensions and conjugations that are fundamental to Latin. Special attention will be paid to the developed case system for nouns and adjectives in Latin and to the various tenses of the Latin verb. Students will also work with Latin adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns and the passive voice. Daily exercises in Latin will reinforce what the students have learned, as will brief reading selections of modified ancient stories in Latin.  Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to learn about the culture and achievements of the ancient Romans. No prerequisites are required. The material in the course will be taught through a combination of video lectures and online tutorials designed to be used in conjunction with the textbook.

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