Frequently Asked Questions

  • How difficult are the courses?

    Students should expect that their SophieConnect courses will be rigorous and academically challenging, designed to prepare students bound for college.

  • How will I access the course?

    Prior to orientation students will receive a username and password to log in to the LMS (Learning Management System) called Blackboard. SophieConnect uses Learn 10.2, which is the latest online course management system by the leading provider of this type of software.

  • How will SophieConnect prepare me to take an online class?

    Students participate in an orientation session which will show them how to navigate the course materials to succeed in the online course. Some courses require summer work which means students may have access to the course during the summer to begin work.

  • What will the assignments be like?

    Assignments vary from course to course and may include reading assignments, essay assignments, discussion board posts, practice problems, collaborative projects, online tutorials, and group work.

  • How will I take tests?

    Assessments vary from class to class. Tests may include taking timed online tests, open book exams, and projects. AP courses will have mock AP paper and pencil exams that will be proctored at your school.

  • When does the work have to be done for a class?

    Each assessment/assignment has a strict deadline. Students may arrange their schedules to work on assignments at their own pace, which leaves the responsibility to maintain the right pace to complete the work on time with the student.

  • How often does a student need to log in to the online course?

    We do not have a minimum of required logins per week, but individual teachers have specific requirements for the number of postings in any given week and firm deadlines, usually Sunday at midnight for weekly assignments. Plan on spending about 6-8 hours per week on a AP level course and 4-6 hours on a non-AP elective course.

  • What if I have a question? How do I reach my teacher?

    There are several ways you can reach out for help and every teacher has a detailed policy regarding preferred ways of contacting him or her. Teachers have designated office hours for questions and extra help sessions. Scheduled extra help sessions are usually facilitated in real time through web conferencing or over the phone.