Partner with us

Since 2014, SophieConnect’s partnerships have been building on the popularity of web-mediated, asynchronous online education, providing more students with a rigorous distance learning experience while supplementing and enriching programs at our schools.  We are grateful for the continued support of our partner schools, which allows us to introduce yet another generation of students to each other from across the Network of Sacred Heart schools.

Our course catalog is informed by the needs of students across our partner schools, faculty expertise, and collaboration with the Directors of each campus partner (Site Directors). Becoming a partner school allows Site Directors to provide access to the program and enroll interested students.

Enrolling in SophieConnect courses

SophieConnect provides the platform and contracts with partners schools to provide access to the courses available in a given academic year. Partner schools contract generally with SophieConnect but all direct student registration is handled at each partner school independently. This gives the Site Directors the ability to appropriately handle issues related to timing, fee levels, academic guidance, student eligibility.

Course size

The maximum number of students per online class is 18 students. The minimum number of students will vary depending on overall student enrollment. Site Directors are notified of exceptions and work with the SophieConnect administrators on limits.

Tuition and fees

In addition to an annual partnership few of $1500 (discounted if renewed from previous year), there is a tuition fee for all courses contracted between the Partner Sites and SophieConnect.  For 2019, the fee is $600 per full year course (including AP) and $400 per one-semester course. Tuition payment has to be received within 21 days of registration in order to secure the seat. If tuition is not received, the student will be waitlisted until payment arrives.

If the minimum number of registered students for a course is not reached, the course will be cancelled and schools will be notified, Tuition reimbursement or rollover to a future course is available.

Financial Aid

In keeping with the Sacred Heart Education mission, SophieConnect makes every effort to keep costs and fees low in order for schools and families to bring the online class opportunity to as many students as possible.

Should your school have a student that needs additional financial resources to take a SophieConnect course, please reach out to us at There are some funds available for assistance which our Partner schools can request.