My name is Poonam Gupta and I teach at the Brunswick School in Greenwich, CT. 

To give you a little bit about my academic background. I have been teaching AP Computer Science (regular, honors and AP levels) for the past 31 years in independent schools. 

I am also an AP reader for AP Computer Science and last year graded over 1200 exams for the CollegeBoard and earned 100 hours of Professional Development hours from them! In addition, I am an AP mentor for this course, providing guidance to other teachers. I also teach for John Hopkins CTY program and had a lot of fun teaching it at Hong Kong for the last 2 years. In addition, I also taught Advanced Java at Global Online Academy. 

I am an advisor to the American Computer Science League (ACSL) club in our school, and work with kids from middle school to high school, preparing our teams for the contest. I am particularly proud of leading our teams to the final STAR round each year! This year our team was ranked first in Connecticut! 

I have a graduate degree and professional certifications in Programming in Java, C++ and Training in School based Assessment from Cambridge University, UK.  Believing in the importance of continued learning, and my enjoyment to be a student, I have completed with distinction over 10 courses in Computer Science from National Institute of Technology and Coursera. 
My teaching style is one that is built on relationships.  The comfort and communication between a teacher and a student is important, and can help to create a stronger relationship between the student and the content. I thrive when students are able to put what they learn into context in the real world and work hard to allow them to make those connections.

I am so excited at our new partnership with Sacred Heart and really looking forward to starting the Advanced Data Structures course.