Serene Williams is a long time Sacred Heart educator who has introduced and taught AP Comparative Government & Politics at two different Sacred Heart network schools. Serene earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Purdue University in 1998 and her Masters of Arts in Political Science from San Francisco State University in 2000. Her Master’s thesis focused on the political activism of Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo in the process of democratization in Argentina.

Serene teaches at all high school levels and has written curriculum for a variety of courses including History Seminar Honors: Women in U.S. History, Honors Comparative Government and Advanced Topics in Women’s History & Women’s Religion. She has been a reader for the AP Comparative Government & Politics exam multiple times. Serene also teaches a unique AP U.S. Government & Politics course with a focus on women and politics at Sacred Heart Preparatory (SHP) in Atherton. She frequently presents about teaching political history at the secondary level at scholarly conferences such as the National Women’s Studies Association Conference, National Council for Social Studies and the Berkshire Conference of Women’s Historians. Serene enjoys interdisciplinary teaching and currently teaches a popular course on the political history of the women’s movement in the U.S. with a Religious Studies teacher at SHP.

Serene is also an independent researcher on the women’s suffrage movement during the progressive era and currently serves as a Bay Area coordinator for the 2020 centennial of the 19th Amendment coordinated by the National Women’s History Alliance. She also regularly publishes original profiles of little known suffragists which appear in the Women & Social Movements database. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, editing Wikipedia pages about political history and volunteering with the Girl Scouts of Northern California.