SophieConnect is a partnership of member schools in the United States and Canada, intended to leverage online learning, by providing quality online courses underpinned by the educational philosophy embodied by the Goals and Criteria.  SophieConnect allows students to become better global citizens by collaborating, participating and engaging with students and the instructor across geographic and cultural confines.  

SophieConnect faculty are experienced Sacred Heart educators, well versed in the Mission of Sacred Heart Schools, experts in their discipline, and well qualified to provide challenging, engaging, and innovative on-line courses that support learning through exploration, collaboration, and creativity. SophieConnect faculty work in collaboration with the academic team(the Academic Director of SophieConnect and the Academic Dean of each student’s school) to ensure the success of the course and the students.

Course Design

All courses are built by faculty in advance so there are common outcomes/objectives for students taking courses. Building courses in advance affords the instructors time during the course to provide students with individual attention and support. Additional resources will be added to enhance student learning and meet specific student needs.

Our faculty bring courses to life to make them relevant in today’s world.  Faculty are expected to evaluate and give feedback to students engaged in discussion boards, review and monitor assessments in a timely fashion and identify content areas where individual students are struggling and proactively engage students in these areas.  Faculty will also participate in reviewing their course at the end of the class with the Directors of SophieConnect.