Providing unique online opportunities for schools in the Sacred Heart network


Our mission

Collaborate learning across geographic locations, cultures, and teaching specialties.

Ensure that the Goals and Criteria and Sacred Heart educational philosophy are the foundation for all of our offerings to students.

Expand opportunities for students to pursue online educational experiences to foster success in higher education.

Strengthen the connection between Sacred Heart Network Schools by promoting shared cultural and philosophical values.  

SophieConnect provides opportunities for network schools to offer online classes that promote Sacred Heart values and traditions while adhering to the high standards of a Sacred Heart education. Our program offers students an opportunity to experience non­traditional online classes and a unique, virtual network exchange experience at the same time. 

Benefits of SophieConnect online classes:

A cost­-effective way to expand programs

A cost­-effective way to expand programs

Promote global and cultural awareness

Promote global and cultural awareness

Promote Sacred Heart educational philosophies

Promote Sacred Heart educational philosophies

Enhance communication skills for effective collaboration

Enhance communication skills for effective collaboration

Prepare students for a globally integrated workplace

Prepare students for a globally integrated workplace

Further strengthen the bonds between Sacred Heart schools

Further strengthen the bonds between Sacred Heart schools

Who We Are


SophieConnect was founded in 2013 at Sacred Heart Greenwich, an Independent, faith-based K-12 school located in Greenwich, Connecticut. The program’s unique access to the Sacred Heart Network of Independent Schools enables it to recruit faculty from the U.S. and Canada to develop courses that extend academic reach, expand professional development opportunities and enable students access at any campus to learn fundamental digital classroom skills and subjects of interest.

The mission of the program is to expand opportunities for students to pursue online educational experiences in order to foster success in higher education.  The mission is supported by a faith-based educational philosophy of respect for intellectual values, social awareness that impels to action, building of community and personal growth.

Sharing the expertise of faculty from across the country and motivating self-directed learning among students, SophieConnect enables students to further develop 21st century skills in a supportive environment, from a trusted resource.

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Karl Haeseler - Founder and Co-Director Of SophieConnect

Mr. Karl Haeseler has been an educator for over 20 years. He holds a BA in communications and an MA in educational technology. He has been a member of the Sacred Heart Greenwich faculty since 2001.  Karl is the Director of Academic Technology and Co-Chair of the Math/Computer Science Department.  

He teaches Advanced Placement computer science courses and, for the past seven years, has helped Sacred Heart schools in Uganda expand their technology infrastructure and programs.


Matilde Larson - Co-Director Of SophieConnect

Ms. Matilde Larson is an English and Journalism teacher in the Upper School at Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich, CT.  The Journalism class produces the CSH student newspaper the King Street Chronicle. This student-managed, student-produced digital newspaper has been recognized by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for its excellence received multiple Gold Medals, and most recently a Silver Crown and All-Columbian Honors, placing it in the 95th percentile in the nation.
Ms. Larson is also a faculty member of Sacred Heart Greenwich’s Summer Enrichment program. During the summer she teaches face-to-face classes in writing and Journalism as well as online courses in PSAT review and writing. Prior to teaching Ms. Larson worked in Corporate Communications for Merrill Lynch and Prudential.

Why online learning?

SophieConnect follows an asynchronous learning model. We believe students are ready and willing to learn outside of regular school hours, which mirrors today's modes of communication shaped by the various technologies that have become a staple in our daily routines. Experience in this non-traditional online setting gives students a foundation to prepare them for college life and a globally integrated workplace. The asynchronous learning model helps to promote self-guided learning, ownership, and agency in their academic progress.


Our network

The chief strength, greatest asset and strongest bond of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools derives from the common heritage and common purpose which those schools together hold. --Catherine (Kit) Collins, RSCJ (1937-2010) While five goals and their criterion unite the twenty-four member schools of the Network in the United States and Canada, the schools enjoy an even wider affiliation with the people and institutions associated with the Society of the Sacred Heart in forty-one countries around the globe. This truly international character of Sacred Heart education helps to foster an important global awareness in our students as we strive to build a more just world.

To date, 14 Network schools are part of SophieConnect. Online learning has developed into a viable alternative to traditional settings and we are excited to offer growth opportunities for students and teachers alike.  

SophieConnect Partner Schools:

What students are saying

I would absolutely recommend taking a course through SophieConnect because it is a learning experience and a source of connection with the global community beyond campus and preparation for the real world.
— Jodanna Domond, former AP Psychology student
I love this class! I feel like I am learning a lot and that I will be extremely prepared to use this material in my future (both on the AP test and with my career plans). [Our teacher] shows a commitment to her students and ensures that each student has the resources he/she needs to learn. This is my favorite class that I am taking this year!
— Elizabeth, former AP Computer Science student
I love the variety of activities and assignments given. The material is interesting and the applications are never boring!
— Keely, former AP Psychology student